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Alex Creswick

Intimacy Coordinator

Building intimacy one frame at a time.

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What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

An Intimacy Coordinator facilitates the filming of nude, sexual, and other hyper-exposed or intimate scenes on film and television sets. As skilled professionals and artists ourselves, we act as facilitators between Directors, Actors and Producers, helping artists establish boundaries and expectations so creativity can thrive in safety.

Trained in choreography, consent and boundaries, trauma awareness, gender awareness, anti-racism, human sexuality, mental health first aid, and with a broad base of industry knowledge, Intimacy Coordinators have a wealth or resources to help Directors realize their visions in a safe, ethical, and dynamic way.

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AC Short Hair.HEIC

The Intimacy Architect.

Alex is a recovering VP of Development & Production who made the jump to independent Producing and script consulting, with an expertise in Sensitivity Reading and Diversity Editing. These interests and experiences, along with their experiences prioritizing safe sets as a producer, led Alex to pursue training and certification as an Intimacy Coordinator, a role which allows for the intersection of many of Alex's disparate skills.

In their praxis as an Intimacy Coordinator, Alex brings their extensive story expertise and production background to their choreography, and excels at building character through intimate moments.

In addition to their work as an Intimacy Coordinator, Alex is a script consultant, specializing in: equity; trans representations; consent; gender; queer/LGBTQIA+ topics; kink; asexuality; polyamory; internet subcultures; classifying things as soup or sandwich; petty art beefs.


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